Last week I participated in the vBrownBag Tech Talks initiative that Craig Waters organised.

The idea was a 10 minute talk on any topic you like. I chose to talk about “Copy Data” which is near and dear to my daily life. I have watched a number of these as they are pretty easy to consume which is good. The format makes it quick enough to create some content, and best of all consume for the viewer !

The ones I’ve watched so far and highly recommend are:

1. Dave Lloyd – Software Defined Storage

2. Boris Jirgens – All Flash Storage

3. John Martin – It’s time to ditch the LUN

4. Josh Odgers – SCSI protocol emulation on NFS

5. Michael Webster – Enterprise Apps

Software Defined Storage]( Defined Storage with the one and only Dave Lloyd

</div>Judging by the content and easy consumption model, I hope to get through watching some more over the coming days. My session can be found here – The Copy Data Conundrum

Huge thanks go to Craig for the organisation and dedication to get this done. Well done mate.