I am duly honoured to have become a vExpert for 2015. My first time round too. Back when the program was first launched I worked at VMware, and employees weren’t eligible to become one. I figured that meant my chances would be slim to none of getting the nod in the future. However, I was really surprised last week to learn that I was to receive the honour this year! There are truly many more people that contribute to the virtualizsation community than I, and I am energised by the award, and hope to get involved even more this year.

To all those that received a nod for this year, congrats ! It’s a very nice feeling to be amongst such an esteemed fellowship. I am inspired and thankful to the community who almost daily produce great articles that assist me, educate me or provoke thoughtful discussion. But in reality I just like reading the comments and vendor declarations trying to spin an article to suit their flashy widget of the day.

Anyways, I hope to further contribute something decent this year, instead of my usual tripe :)