Working for a Start-Up, we try to save money where we can, and spend it where it will most make sense. As part of this effort across my team, we often need to travel at the last minute to visit with a customer. Sometimes we can plan ahead of time to get good hotel and flight discounts, and other’s we are just unfortunate. So we often will use Wotif or LastMinute.Com to get their secret last minute hotel deals. So I came across this website, that shows you the last minute description of a hotel, and uncovers the real name of the hotel for you. This is especially helpful when you want to ensure you stay close to a customer office, or want to stay at a particular hotel. The site is called:┬áTripRaider And my last helpful tip: I tried to register for the site to add a hotel I stayed at recently in Canberra. A brand new hotel there is called “Hotel Hotel” the secret text for that one is “5* luxury wonder in the heart of Canberra!”┬áThis is a brand new hotel in the recently built Nishi building in Canberra. I recommend the hotel, it’s a funky new style of hotel, and for the last minute price, was money well spent considering some of the hotels I have stayed at in Canberra in my time charging a lot more !

First Past the Post

Hi All, This will only be a brief intro to this blog. Essentially this blog will be primarily about the world of “Copy Data” and optimising your environment and infrastructure for “Copy Data”. Some of the posts will come from lessons learned, or lessons taught with articles on everything to do with managing a Copy Data platform and integrating it into your enterprise. While the Actifio 100T CDS appliance and associated products is my primary focus, this product integrates with many different systems such as: VMware, Hyper V, Linux, Unix, SQL, Exchange, Scripting, Powershell, All types of Storage, Disaster Recovery products, Blade and server infrastructure, Security devices such as Firewalls, Routers, etc. The list is almost endless on what might be covered here in the weeks and months to come. Please send your feedback and comments. The usual disclaimer is applied, while I work for a vendor I will try to be as impartial as I can towards all products, and the articles and topics here are written by me, and can no way be referenced as an official Actifio support article or legal document. Thanks for the motivation to get this underway. Cheers, Jeff