Deploying the Actifio vCenter Plugin to VMware VCSA 6.0

This is just a short tip to help get the Actifio vCenter Plugin uploaded to your VCSA appliance, so you can start the installation process. By default if you try to scp the install file you will find an error such as the following: Unknown command: 'scp' 1. Login via SSH to the vCenter Server Appliance on port 22, I would normally use the root account here: $ ssh [email protected] VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0.0 Type: vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller Password: Last login: Mon Jun 22 00:15:14 UTC 2015 from on ssh Last failed login: Mon Jun 22 02:38:16 UTC 2015 from on ssh:notty There was 1 failed login attempt since the last successful login. Last login: Mon Jun 22 02:38:17 2015 from Connected to service     * List APIs: "help api list"     * List Plugins: "help pi list"     * Enable BASH access: "shell.set --enabled True"     * Launch BASH: "shell" Command> 2. As per the motd, you need to start the shell so run the command shell.set --enable True Then run the following command to get into the shell shell Next, run the following command to change the default shell chsh -s "/bin/bash" root Now you can scp the Actifio VCP file to the vCenter Server Appliance. FileZilla or command line scp are your friend here (example below): scp -P 22 [email protected]:/tmp/. Now go back to the VCSA shell and change the default shell back chsh -s /bin/appliancesh root Now you can run the installer with the following command sh /tmp/ And now follow the bouncing ball to get your Actifio vCenter Plugin installed. Click to share article:ShareLinkedInTwitter

The Great APAC Storage Debate(s)

So as most things go, twitter provoked a conversation around storage (among other things) and various topics, and a few of us decided to pursue a fun and humours debate style recordings for the community. There will be some element of educational material, but expect plenty of tongue in cheek comments. We intend to focus on a few generic ideas, and present those ideas over 5 minutes per person in 3 person teams. The first of these debates starts this Thursday on the topic of “Host based caching is going to kill the market for all flash arrays before it really starts”. This is not particularly my area of focus or expertise, but I do have a view on it. And even though a bunch of us work for vendors, these are not vendor aligned sessions, and by all means not meant to be sales led. This is more so just a bunch of people in the industry getting together to discuss some stuff. I would almost relate it to the same conversations we have at the pub after a drink or two when we try to solve the worlds problems from an IT perspective. The teams for this week are: Arguing in favour are: Ben Di Qual Justin Warren Jeff O’Connor Arguing against are: John Martin David Lloyd Craig Waters Huge thanks to all the guys involved for kicking off something a bit different for the community. And importantly to Alastair Cooke who is keeping things organised. He has also covered the event here : You can join the conversation here : Should be a fun few weeks of debates, we’re still taking feedback on other topics to discuss. I think our futures session will be of great interest, well at least I look forward to it, as we all look at what the future holds for storage as we know it today. Cheers, Jeff Click to share article:ShareLinkedInTwitter

VMware VADP Data Flow Diagram – The Actifio method

I just wanted to share this image I put together to help people understand the data flow of backup traffic for VMware virtual machines protected with Actifio. Not covered in this diagram is all the TCP Ports. Thanks to my colleagues Anthony Vandewerdt (@aussiestorblog) , Madhav and Mike Salins for the feedback. I hope it helps you. Click to share article:ShareLinkedInTwitter