Hi, my name is Jeff O’Connor. I started this blog in 2014 to document my daily life in the Copy Data world. What is ‘Copy Data’ I hear you ask? Copy Data covers all the current set of legacy tools your enterprise is using to create multiple copies of data, such products and tools used for Backup, Replication, Test & Dev Management, Disaster Recovery, Data Warehouse and Analytics are good examples of “Copy Data” generators.

I worked for Actifio (Now aquired by Google Cloud), who are the leaders in Enterprise Data as a Service (EDaaS) solutions for 8.5 yrs as a Senior Solutions Architect located in the ANZ Region. Actifio developed the worlds first Copy Data Management platform, and this blog will detail some of the benefits this platform has to offer, and also some of the surrounding technologies that are integrated with the extensive Actifio platform.

While the term may be new to you, the problems and challenges that traditional silo’d systems have may see you looking ahead to want to know more about how to better wrangle the legacy past, and open your eyes to the benefits that a true Copy Data Management system can provide for you and your enterprise.

Lastly, I hope over the coming months to feature some guest articles written by colleagues and friends in the industry.

Hope to see you coming back from time to time. Comments and Feedback are most welcome.