Two times in the past month I have met with orgs who are sick and tired of just purchasing more and more storage.
So they are stopping, and trying to make do with what they have, rather than continue the constant trend of purchasing storage as they grow.
Well, this is intact what Copy Data Management addresses.
While storage companies in the plenty have added many significant features like zero byte clones, snapshots, and dedup these orgs are still consuming storage at a rapid rate. Companies selling dedup arrays, actually want you to buy more arrays…
10yrs ago when Actifio was formed, we started as we realised that most of the addressable storage was not in Production, it was in the supporting layers hidden behind the scenes, the dev/test/pre-prod, the backup and DR copies, all consuming yet another copy of your stuff, because it is needed for that use case.
I really feel for these orgs that have yet to hit the stop button on their storage spend. But for those that have, they are consolidating, and or introducing cloud to assist, and I can guarantee you, this is not a cloud fixable issue, if you have storage sprawl on-premises, you are going to have storage sprawl in the cloud. It’s the mindset and process that needs to factor in other ways to solve these problems. Cloud storage might seem cheap, but when you introduce your existing process, that storage consumption will just expand as it always has.
So, my advice is…
Take a look under the covers at your storage consumption, for Production, versus non-Production. The non-production number might really surprise you, and it’s also very likely where most of the growth is spent.
If you are interested in cost avoidance for existing storage for the new few years
You want access to data for Non-Production near instantly
You want to leverage the cloud, but with cost considerations in place.
You have a long term retention issue for data protection, yet all you are being sold is another dedup solution.
If you are encrypting your databases, then dedup solutions will eat into that storage at a level, where dedup provides no benefit, just higher costs.
Reach out, take a look at Actifio – The product was built to lower your storage costs, and best of all you can bring your existing storage to the party, no need to purchase a bunch of storage from your data protection solution… we’re not in this to sell kit, we’re in this to help you manage the data, and find the best way possible to do that with what you have now, and to drastically reduce the costs of managing it into the future.
Be on the lookout for any solution that tells you it’s going to save you money, then drags through a bunch of new disk & hardware to achieve it…